Board of Trustees

The Community Partnership School board of trustees consists of a diverse set of highly skilled individuals who are deeply engaged in furthering our mission. These committed volunteers provide expertise that furthers our school’s efforts in strengthening our program, fundraising, community outreach and other important endeavors. We appreciate all of our board members for their contributions and commitment to Community Partnership School.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees – Officers

  • Jocelyn Hillman, Board Chair
  • Anne Wilmerding, Board Vice-Chair
  • Nicky Charles, Board Secretary
  • Sean Dowling, Board Treasurer
  • Lynn Gadsden, Board Chair Emeritus

2015-2016 Board of Trustees – Members

  • Mary E. Ammon
  • Eric Ashton
  • Jeff Benjamin
  • Christopher Boccella
  • Dr. Ernestine J. Carter
  • Joyce Chai, Wharton Board Fellow*
  • Susan Feldman
  • Amy Ferracci
  • Tonnetta Graham
  • Brian Haynes
  • Carolyn Korman Jacobs
  • Eric Jones, Head of School, Community Partnership School*
  • Annie Kim, Third Grade Lead Teacher, Community Partnership School*
  • Willa Kravitz
  • Shanon S. Levin
  • Meredith McCormick
  • Joseph C. Monahan
  • Starr Osborne
  • Reverend Robert L. Polk
  • Joe Quinones
  • Mary Randles*
  • Karen Regan
  • Margie Rooke
  • Haley Samsi, Chair, Young Friends of Community Partnership School*
  • Kristin Smith
  • Jeffrey T. Sultanik
  • Antonio J. Williams, CPS Family Council Representative*
  • Pastor Keith M. Williams

* denotes Ex-Officio Members