History & Mission

Community Partnership School is an independently operating PAIS accredited school that provides a well-rounded, affordable education, while fostering a supportive network among students, school, family and community. This partnership prepares our graduates to flourish in some of the highest performing middle schools and high schools in the region — academically, socially and emotionally.

Community Partnership School was founded in 2006 by a partnership between Germantown Academy and Project H.O.M.E. to attend to the educational needs of children from an underserved North Central Philadelphia neighborhood characterized by high rates of poverty and low rates of graduation.


Meet talent with opportunity by providing pre-kindergarten and elementary age children from low-wealth, low-income backgrounds in North Central Philadelphia with a high-quality, affordable education that prepares them for lifelong success and strengthens the communities to which they belong.


A world where all children have the same access to a high-quality education.


  • Curiosity: We desire to know more about our community and apply practices that cultivate growth and well-being among community members. We foster opportunities for exploration and innovation. We strive to maximize our potential.
  • Courage: We focus resources to achieve our mission and vision. We take a disciplined approach to executing our approach and applying our values. We learn from our successes and failures.
  • Compassion: We assume good intentions from our colleagues, caregivers, and students, and we engage each other in thoughtful ways. We seek to position each other for optimal engagement and performance. We value diverse experiences and perspectives in all aspects of our operation.