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March 23, 2020

Dear CPS Families,

We made it to Spring Break! Granted, this break feels different from most others, but it affords us with a valuable opportunity to step back to assess what we’ve done and how it’s going, which is especially important in a time like this.

Thankfully our school is not confined to bricks and mortar, and we remain grateful for your continued encouragement and flexibility as we navigate this new terrain together. All things considered, the first week of our remote learning program went well and your openness and responsiveness have facilitated our successful start. An extra special shout out to our faculty and staff for their unwavering commitment and professionalism. They are without question “the straw that stirs the drink” at CPS!

Looking ahead, classes will continue remotely on Monday, March 30th following Spring Break and, as it stands now, our plan is to remain in “remote mode” through much of April. We will tentatively plan to return to our building on the morning of Monday, April 27th. We remain hopeful that things will clear up enough to return sooner but will plan recognizing that working remotely may be necessary for the rest of the school year.

As we learn more from week to week, expect weekly updates from school administrators at the beginning of each week, in addition to the day-to-day outreach from classroom teachers, so you can prepare accordingly. Also after Spring Break, our School Counselor, Ms Taylor, will begin forwarding occasional ideas to help maintain our and our children’s emotional and mental well-being during this time when calls for social distancing and self-isolating will likely increase.

Additionally this week, we will gather feedback on how the first week of remote learning went so we ask you to complete this feedback form by this coming Friday, March 27th. Collecting this information will help us refine our approach moving forward. Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete it.

There are many unknowns still about where things are headed, for ourselves, our communities, and humanity in general. But we know, and it bears repeating, that mitigating the spread of the coronavirus right now requires a commitment by all of us to, at minimum, practice good hygiene and refrain from gathering together in-person. It’s not easy or optimal, but if we all consistently exercise this discipline, we’ll have a chance to rebuild our lives sooner than otherwise.

Personally, I’m working hard to stop over-consuming the news coverage and latest “breaking news” about our current crisis. So much of it is repetitive and just downright depressing. But I made a note of something I saw Dr. Sanjay Gupta share on one of his many CNN appearances last week, and I’ll share it here with you. In speaking about the value of consistent social distancing, and in as heartfelt a way as I’ve witnessed, he encouraged everyone to, “Act as if you have the virus. Never have we ever been so dependent on each other and we should rise to the occasion.”

Thank you for rising to the occasion for CPS, in this matter and always. We will be in touch soon,

Eric Jones