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Welcome to Community Partnership School’s website! Perusing this site will provide a snapshot look at how we bring our mission, vision and values to life.

Established in 2006 to provide children in North Philadelphia with an education that puts them on a path to lifelong well-being and success, we believe that when we

  • begin with children in their most formative school years
  • activate a network of qualified and caring educators, volunteers, and philanthropists
  • build close and collaborative partnerships with our students’ families and the wider community
  • maintain a compassionate learning environment that actively fosters whole-person development,

we create conditions that support healthy and happy children who are well-positioned to make good on their dreams and aspirations.

More than a decade and a few hundred students later, the results of our investment are clear:

  • 100% of our 5th grade graduates attend strong middle and high schools throughout the region
  • Our year-to-year retention rates for families, faculty and staff typically exceed 90%
  • Over 90% of our students currently in high school and college finished ninth grade on time – a major predictor of high school graduation.

This all happens in a neighborhood where debilitating life factors like poverty and chronic under-investment are all too common.

As more families in our immediate neighborhood and beyond learn about the work going on at CPS, demand surpasses the number of deserving children we can accommodate. The need for CPS remains great, and buoyed by our growth and ever-expanding partnerships, we are excited to continue broadening access to opportunity, in our immediate neighborhood and beyond.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and feedback based on what you see and read here. And consider stopping by sometime for a visit – I guarantee you’ll be captivated by the love and pride you witness at CPS and the wider Brewerytown/Strawberry Mansion community!

All the best,

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Eric Jones

Head of School