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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about Community Partnership School. Perusing this site will provide a snapshot view of our philosophy and program.

As you’ll gather from these pages, Community Partnership School’s vision is grounded in a strong social justice oriented mission. We believe that our work is crucial for the healthy and sustained functioning of a robust democracy and work hard to ensure that belief informs all aspects of our operation.

Established in 2006 to provide children in the highest-need communities of Philadelphia with an education that would put them on a path to lifelong success and well-being, we believe that:

  • When we begin with children in their most formative school years and
  • Provide a network of highly qualified and caring educators and volunteers who
  • Work in close partnership with those children’s families and the wider community in
  • A compassionate learning environment that actively fosters whole-person development
  • We can shape lifelong learners with a strong sense of agency, who are good people.

A decade and nearly 200 students later, the results of our investment are clear: 100% of our graduates attend strong middle and high schools throughout the region. In our oldest graduating class, 93% of students finished ninth grade on time – a major predictor of on-time high school graduation. We have entered this new decade of operation bolstered by an ever-growing program and increased support from those connected to us across constituent groups.

As more families in our immediate neighborhood and beyond learn about the work going on at CPS, demand surpasses the number of deserving children we can accommodate each year. Buoyed by our growth and successes, we recognize that more work must be done and are excited to tackle that work as we enter our second decade of operation.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions based on what you see and read here. And consider stopping by sometime for a visit. I guarantee you’ll be captivated by what you witness taking place here on Judson Street!

All the best,

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Eric Jones
Head of School