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Dear Prospective Family,

We welcome and appreciate your interest in Community Partnership School. It is our hope that, in touring our website, you will begin to sense the unique nature of our incredibly special school. Our school size, mission and philosophy, our curriculum and diverse community, foster an exciting and nurturing educational environment in which your child can confidently, discover, learn and grow.

We are an intentionally small school. Our size and the intimate teacher-to-student bond that it allows, is one of the key factors in explaining why our students are so uniquely curious, courageous and compassionate about their school and community.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to developing a lifelong love of learning. Our student-centered curriculum encourages critical thinking, exploration in and of the world around us and creative problem-solving, all of which helps CPS students to become and remain active and engaged learners.

Finally, and most importantly, in choosing to enroll your child in Community Partnership School, you are choosing to join a community of individuals who are deeply committed to the education of their children and to participating in the life of our school.

Feel free to explore the information and photos on our website to begin to learn about the ways in which Community Partnership School might enhance your child’s education. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and guide you through the admissions process. CPS students and their families are also eager to share their enjoyment of the School. We are looking forward to meeting you!

All the best,
Tyler Conway
Director of Enrollment

Interested in learning more?

We encourage you to learn more about our program by attending a virtual information session. Visit our Open House tab to RSVP. For other inquiries about our admissions process, please contact us using the form below.