Why support Community Partnership School?

CPS is the only secular, independent Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade school in Philadelphia offering a high-quality and affordable alternative for children from low-income and low wealth households. Over 50% of children in our primary catchment area (zip codes 19121 and 19132) live below the poverty line. Only 1 in 3 adults has some education beyond high school, so many of our children have few immediate role models with  long-term school success. With a holistic approach that takes shape  in close partnership with parents, guardians and the wider community, we impact  the trajectory of our students’ lives. And with 98% of our alumni on track to graduate high school on time, we know our approach works.

Why support the CPS Capital Campaign? 

CPS must to grow to meet the demand for quality education in the community.  We currently field  around 200 inquiries annually  for an average of 15  openings.  Our goal is to more than double enrollment and our current location limits expansion.  We know we can serve more children, retain our 7:1 student teacher ratio and, at the same time, continue meeting each child’s individual needs in close partnership with each child’s family. 

Supporting CPS’ Capital Campaign will also provide the necessary space to provide summer and  after school programming as well as an outdoor space for play and learning.  By providing meeting and event space for community organizations, our new school will become a community anchor and a center for activity in the neighborhood.

What impact will the new building have on the community? 

Currently, CPS serves 90-95 students in grades PreK-5, along with 85 alumni. In our new building, we expect to more than double enrollment to approximately 220 students, with room for additional children in our afterschool and summer programs. The new school will become a community hub that will make a deep and lasting impact on our students, their families, and the neighborhood as a whole.

Where is the new building located and why did you choose it? 

After an extensive search, we found an ideal building in our neighborhood at 3033 Glenwood Avenue. At 55,000 sq. ft., it is structurally sound and in a highly visible location within walking distance to Fairmount Park.  It will allow us to increase the number of students we serve, enhance our program offerings, and provide outdoor space, much of which will be  available for community use as well.

What will the building cost and how much money does CPS have to raise? 

The building will cost approximately $12.5 million. Including funds for endowment and operational reserve, we plan to raise $25 million. Currently, we have about $13 million left to raise.

Why invest so much in a building? Why not stay where you are? 

Beyond providing space for more students, new programming and greater community engagement, investing in a new building that we own will make a powerful statement that Community Partnership School is committed to making a significant impact in the community over the long-term. We’re here to stay.

When do you need the money? 

We encourage donors to adopt a giving timeline that works for them. Some donors have chosen to give over a five-year span, others have elected a shorter time frame. We encourage all donors to make their first payment at their earliest convenience.  A strong cash position helps with project readiness, which in turn helps us secure federal tax credits for the building.

What about the school’s long term financial sustainability? 

The campaign includes a plan to secure a $12.2M endowment and operating reserve. Our financial projections indicate this amount is necessary to assure our sustainability.

How will this campaign effect annual giving for operations? 

We currently have a very loyal base of supporters. We are confident that we can expand and diversify our base of donors by raising our visibility through the campaign. In addition, owning our building will also create opportunities to generate both revenue and operating cost reducing partnerships.

Are there recognition or naming opportunities? 

We are very excited about thanking and honoring our donors in an appropriately public manner. Please see the Leadership Giving page for more information.  

 For more information on the Capital Campaign, please contact the CPS Advancement office at 215-235-0461 or info@cpsphilly.org