Leadership Giving

Recognition Opportunities

Campus $5,000,000   

Increasing our impact is the driving factor for purchasing 3033 Glenwood Avenue and repurposing it as a twenty-first century school. Located at a prominent intersection in Brewerytown, this former industrial building will provide access to a stimulating and holistic education for twice as many neighborhood families, and serve as an anchor for community revitalization. In addition to the classrooms for the Pre-K through Fifth grade academic program, the property will include outdoor play space, a training kitchen, and athletic and meeting spaces for school and community use. The campus recognition presents a unique opportunity to effect generational change for CPS’ students and their families, with rippling benefits extending out to the Brewerytown and Strawberry Mansion sections of the city. Campus signage will be prominent on Glenwood and Oxford Avenues, as well as along the busy Amtrak and SEPTA train lines
Athletics Center $2,500,000  
CPS’ educational philosophy reflects our belief in the interconnection between the intellectual, socio-emotional and physical development of our students.  The Athletic Center will play a central role in facilitating the delivery of physical education and health benefits to our students, our afterschool and summer enrichment participants, as well as the neighboring community through community recreation programming. The Athletic Center will support a robust and varied physical education curriculum, with equal emphasis on lifelong health and sport-specific skills training.  Athletic Center signage will appear both on the inside and outside of the Center.

Great Hall – Dining Room $2,000,000

Designed to facilitate community at mealtimes and flexibility for other programming, the Great Hall serves as the primary gathering space for our students during breakfast and lunch.  Nutrition education and fostering healthy habits are core components of our health and wellness programming.  Meals are served family style at round tables to facilitate conversation and sharing as mealtimes provide valuable opportunities to enjoy each other and good food.  The Great Hall is located directly off the Community Commons which is the entrance lobby of the school.  This location allows for evening use by CPS’ Family Council as well as other community groups.  The Great Hall is immediately adjacent to the training kitchen, and students will have proximity to and awareness of the preparation of each meal.

Early Learning Center $1,000,000  

At Community Partnership School, we believe that an early start provides the best foundation, so our classes begin with Pre-Kindergarten.  Our early childhood curriculum fosters early literacy, numeracy and social/emotional growth as we seek to instill a lifelong love of learning.  The Pre-K through 1st grade classrooms are clustered to meet the specific needs of our youngest students, including a higher student to staff ratio, small-scale furniture and fittings and direct access from the classroom to the playground.  The Early Learning Center is also host to our student-teaching program and outreach to educators looking to learn from our unique expertise in providing high quality, holistic instruction, especially for children from low income and low wealth households.

21st Century Technology $1,000,000  

The digital divide is defined as the difference in access to technology between low income and more affluent communities.  It has particularly far-reaching consequences for education.  Children in poorer communities have much lower rates of access to the Internet, which can prevent them from learning the crucial skills necessary for success in today’s – and tomorrow’s – economy.  As a Pre-K through Fifth Grade school in a low income neighborhood, we believe that early digital literacy is a crucial component to our students’ education.  The 21st Century Technology recognition opportunity will provide a computer center attached to the library, as well as state of the art technology throughout the building, not just for our children but for adults in the community as well. This will ensure that our students are comfortable and proficient with technology and positioned to leverage all the benefits, over a lifetime, that this exposure provides.

Community Commons $1,000,000 – RESERVED 

The entrance lobby of our new facility will be a welcoming and uplifting space.  As part of the adaptive reuse of the existing structure, the space will open up to a two-story glass wall which will let natural light flood in, creating a bright and warm first impression upon entering the School.  A wide staircase with broad bottom steps will serve as an informal gathering space  – a place to sit before school starts with friends or where a teacher can meet quickly with a class while transitioning during the school day.  The school receptionist’s desk will be positioned prominently, bringing a personal touch to all school community members and visitors.

Alumni Resource Center $250,000 – RESERVED 

When students graduate from CPS after Fifth Grade, they automatically become a part of our vibrant alumni community. In order to build on the investment made in our students through Fifth Grade, CPS staff members actively engage  our alumni and their receiving schools, hosting programming for graduates and their families throughout the year. The Alumni Resource Center will be headquarters for this vital activity  and serve as an informal after school homework drop-in spot for alumni.

Art Studio $500,000  

Visual learning and the expression of creativity are important building blocks for children in their early years. Our students’ art curriculum aligns closely with curricula at each grade level to more seamlessly integrate concepts across subject areas and provide an aesthetic language for ideas. The Art Studio will be a bright, engaging space for creative exploration.

Kitchen and Training Facility $500,000  

This space will facilitate CPS’ goal of broadening our health and wellness initiative.  At breakfast and lunch, students, staff, and volunteers will share meals and conversation with wholesome, fresh food from the kitchen – which will be designed and overseen by a professional chef, in addition to serving as a training site for other chefs. Also, CPS participates in “My Daughter’s Kitchen,” a healthy cooking program for 5th graders sponsored the Vetri Community Partnership. This kitchen will allow us to increase the number of students who  participate in this program. In addition, the kitchen is designed to facilitate healthy cooking classes for community members, a need that has been identified through our community outreach.

Library $500,000 – RESERVED

Music Studio $500,000

Music education is a core component of a well-rounded school program. Music training helps develop language, auditory and memory skills, coordination and pattern recognition, and brings the joy of expression to the school day. Our music studio will be equipped for a variety of age-appropriate activities, for individual and group participation.

Outdoor Greens $500,000 –RESERVED

STEM Studio $500,000  

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education plays a pivotal role in preparing students for the workplace of the future in a globally competitive market.  A strong, early start in these disciplines creates a foundation for high school and college level learning and opens the possibility of science-based careers to young minds.  The CPS STEM curriculum is active, experiential and student-centered.  Students engage in hands-on questioning and problem-solving.  They work collaboratively to look at real-life questions, with teachers acting as facilitators.  Students develop good communication skills and logical thought processes as they develop literacy in the STEM disciplines.  The recognition opportunity for the STEM Studio is a passport for our students to 21st-century knowledge and skills.

Conference Room $250,000 – RESERVED

Faculty Commons $250,000  

A multi-function meeting space for our teaching staff, the Faculty Commons will provide a warm gathering place to facilitate faculty collaboration and work outside the classroom. It will be equipped with copiers, paper cutters, a laminator and other important tools to support the delivery of an innovative and consistently creative elementary curriculum.

Enrichment Center $250,000   

 After school and summer programming provide invaluable opportunities for horizon-broadening experiences and structure for children when school is not in session. Complementing our students’ strong academic curriculum, the Enrichment Center will serve as a hub for the variety of activities and athletics that are otherwise difficult for our families to access. This resource will also serve as a primary mechanism for facilitating broadened community engagement, incorporating opportunities for neighborhood children not enrolled in the regular school-day program.

Rear Playground $250,000   

CPS believes in the physical, social and emotional benefits of outside play. Our playground will be easily accessed from multiple points in the building and provide an endless variety of ways for our Pre-K through Fifth Grade students to reap the benefits of both structure and unstructured play.

Community Resource Center $250,000   

Community is in our name and is what we stand for. As we move a mile from our current home, we look forward to more fully engaging the Brewerytown and Strawberry Mansion communities. In working with neighborhood leaders, we know that there is strong need for local meeting and recreation space, which we have incorporated into our renovation plans. The Community Resource Center will house the coordination of these activities.

Individual Classrooms $100,000 

For more information on the Capital Campaign, please contact the CPS Advancement office at 215-235-0461 or info@cpsphilly.org