Project Goals

The new facility, coupled with reserve and endowment funds, will ensure that the school can be financially sustainable and a part of the fabric of the neighborhood into perpetuity.

Our ten-year projections show that a reserve of $5.2 million and an endowment of $7 million will ensure CPS is fully sustainable for the long term. With the capital cost of the building project at $12.8 million, the total cost is $25 million. New Market Tax Credits, State RAC-P grant and long-term/bridge financing will comprise about one-third of the total funding goal.

The balance will be raised through our Capital Campaign.  The outcome will be a permanent, sustainable high quality independent school for twice as many students in North Philadelphia. CPS delivers on society’s promise to make education and opportunity accessible to all children.

For more information on the Capital Campaign, please contact the CPS Advancement office at 215-235-0461 or