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CPS Equity & Inclusion Statement

At Community Partnership School, a core part of our identity is manifest in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of School life. From the boardroom to the classroom, internally and externally, these principles inform all we do. We readily acknowledge the on-going impact of historical prejudice, discrimination and exclusion, both institutional and interpersonal, on our students and families, faculty and Board. This realization informs our central reason for being, as defined by our mission, which is to provide access to educational opportunity to low-income children.

In appropriating practices informed by diversity, equity and inclusion school-wide, we are conscious of the ways various social identifiers, including age, education attainment, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical and learning differences, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status, inform our community’s reality and contribute to each community member’s full identity. We seek to actively nurture and sustain an environment where the full personhood of each member of our community is valued, inevitable disagreements across lines of difference are acknowledged, and initiatives that promote cultural literacy and understanding are cultivated community-wide.

Therefore, we commit to the National Association of Independent Schools Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Inclusion which can be found on the NAIS website.

Thank you for helping to make Celebrate CPS 2017 a success!

Thank you for helping to make Celebrate CPS 2017 a success!  The Community Partnership School family was proud to honor Carolyn Korman Jacobs this year, and host nearly 400 friends of the school.  We would like to say thank you to each and every person who helped make this year’s celebration special.  Take a peek at the look book from Celebrate CPS 2017 to relive the excitement and energy of the night.

Be on the lookout for the save the date for Celebrate CPS 2018!

The Healthy Herald @ Community Partnership School #2

In partnership with the Healthy News Works organization, third-grade students will periodically publish a “Healthy Newsletter,” that will focus on the topic of health in our school, life, and community. For the second newsletter, students conducted interviews with CPS faculty. The second article is about, “Learning to rebound from a setback.” This project was made possible through the assistance of former Philadelphia Inquirer Journalist, Ms. Marian Ulhman.

Please click the link for the full article:

Community Partnership School Healthy Herald #2

Celebrate CPS 2017: Honoring The Incredible Carolyn Korman Jacobs


Celebrate CPS 2017: Honoring The Incredible Carolyn Korman Jacobs

Celebrate CPS honoring Carolyn Korman Jacobs

The Community Partnership School family is thrilled to announce that we will come together to celebrate the hard work, friendship, and generosity of a true CPS champion, Carolyn Korman Jacobs.

Please join us on April 19, 2017, at Vie for this wonderful event.

Tickets and sponsor opportunities are available – click here

 Please contact the Advancement Office at (215)-235-0461 or with any questions.