Classroom Update: Nutrition for Life

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“What healthy snack are we going to eat today?!” exclaimed Kaleb as nutrition educator Krista La Noce walked into the Pre-K and Kindergarten Classrooms.  Both students and teachers are always excited to see Ms. La Noce walk into our school with her bag of healthy, nutritious foods.

For the past six years, Community Partnership School has had a wonderful partnership with the Health Promotion Council.  Once a month, a nutrition educator meets with each class and delivers a hands-on lesson about healthy eating and living.  Every lesson ends with the children and adults trying out a new healthy snack.

Recently, Ms. La Noce taught Pre-K and Kindergarten children about foods that help us build healthy and strong teeth and bones.  She then shared what would be the healthiest choices at a fast food restaurant.

Ms. La Noce ended the lesson with a hands-on demonstration.  Students learned about the ingredients needed to make guacamole.  “We need to eat the guacamole with chips,” said Raelyn as Ms. LaNoce mixed avocados, tomatoes, garlic and lemon together to make this nutritious dip.

After seeing the delighted responses from our students, we highly recommend that families whip up a batch of homemade guacamole at home!