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When Community Partnership School was envisioned, the Strawberry Mansion and Brewerytown communities in North Philadelphia had faced decades of economic decline leading to urban blight, high rates of poverty and unemployment, and high levels of crime and incarceration. With neighborhood schools also struggling, talented students were presented with serious obstacles, limiting their access to broadened life prospects.

CPS was established in 2006 to provide children in the highest-need communities with an education that would put them on a path leading to lifelong success and well-being.

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Ten years and nearly 200 students later, the results of our investment are clear: 100% of our graduates attend strong middle and high schools throughout the region. In our oldest graduating class, now in 10th grade, 93% of students finished ninth grade on time – a major predictor of graduating high school on time. We have entered our tenth year bolstered by an ever-growing program and increased support from those connected to us across constituent groups.

Even as we celebrate these successes, we recognize that there is more work to be done. As more families in our immediate neighborhood and beyond learn about the work going on at CPS, demand surpasses the number of deserving children we can accommodate each year.

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Our founders envisioned a school that could fill a vast need in our city and now we have realized a school that effectively addresses that need. As we begin our second decade, your gift to the annual fund will help us capitalize on the momentum we’ve gained to take CPS to the next level.  You are essential to our work, and together we can prepare more children for broadened access and success.  Please click the button below to donate today.