The “3 Cs” Scholarship Fund

LogoCuriosity. Courage. Compassion.

At CPS, the “3 Cs” guide our community values: Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion. These are the characteristics that our faculty and staff work to foster within our students as part of our “whole child” curriculum. We invite you to experience the 3 Cs through the lives of our students by joining our community as a scholarship partner!

Our Scholarship Partners have a real and personal impact, contributing a lasting influence to our students’ futures. They are a transformative force for our community – true partners directly supporting the willingness and hard work of our students and their families.

Scholarship Partners:

              • Contribute to the fund in $5,000 increments annually
              • Are invited to attend at least two events with CPS students during the year
              • Will receive updates directly from CPS students
              • Are encouraged to commit to the relationship through the student’s fifth grade year


              • Provide updates during the year on progress being made towards academic and character goals
              • Share in personal correspondence

Why the “3 Cs” Scholarship Fund?

A child’s education is everybody’s business.

Community Partnership School is kept vibrant and independent by our individual and corporate donors who directly offset the tuition for the dedicated students and families who want – and work – to be there.

We’re “all in” for our students’ education – driven by a higher standard and sustained by a true partnership among our students, our families and our staff.

While all of our families pay some tuition based on a sliding scale of what they can afford – 95% of our school’s operating budget comes from the generosity of our contributors.

Investments in CPS are put to use for real and lasting impacts.

Small class sizes provide our students with the best chance for success – allowing for a deeper level of education and the most effective learning environment.. Our graduates leave being prepared to flourish in high performing middle schools, high schools, and beyond.

 For more information, or to learn how you can get involved, please contact the CPS Advancement Office at (215)-235-0461 or