Former CPS Trustees in the News

Mary Ammon and Pastor Keith Williams

Two former CPS Board of Trustee members have recently received recognition for the impact their work has had on the communities they serve.  

Pastor Keith Williams, a founding Trustee of CPS, and senior pastor of Nazarene Baptist Church in North Philadelphia for more than 35 years was awarded the Herschel H. Hobbs Award for Distinguished Denominational Service by Oklahoma Baptist University.  Pastor Williams has served as a faith and lay leader for many organizations throughout his career, and you can read more about this honor and Pastor William’s impressive career here.

Mary Ammon, a former trustee and retired social worker, was recognized for her work in the community and generosity by Temple University’s alumni publication this spring.  Mrs. Ammon spoke about how her family’s values influenced her groundbreaking career, helping to write legislation and create programs to protect vulnerable members of the community, as well as her tremendous sense of philanthropy and generosity.  You can read more about Mrs. Ammon’s career and support of the community here.

We are proud and humbled by the selfless works by members of our CPS family, and we salute them for their well earned recognition!