Arts Program

At Community Partnership School, the arts are an integral part of our curriculum. Throughout their time at CPS, students are actively engaged in the visual and performing arts – both inside the classroom and out.

Visual Arts

In the art classroom, CPS students are encouraged to take risks as they paint, draw, sculpt, and weave. An essential part of the 5th grade curriculum is our long-standing partnership with the Fabric Workshop and Museum of Philadelphia. Students complete a six week residency creating their own silk screened flags representing our three Cs: Courage, Curiosity, and Compassion. In addition to hands-on experiences in the classroom, our students are exposed to Philadelphia’s thriving arts and culture scene through field trips. Past trips have included visits to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to study math in art, The Barnes Foundation to study impressionism, PAFA to look at social justice through art, and the Magic Gardens to see an incredible example of public art.


Our music program focuses on responding to music, creating music, and performing music. Beginning in Pre-K, our students learn about musical traditions from cultures all over the globe, and each semester culminates in a school-wide performance centered around a different theme. Each spring, our music and art programs come together to celebrate the continent of study at our annual Continent Fair.


Our 3rd and 4th graders participate in a 12-week residency with African Dance and Music ensemble, Kulu Mele. While engaged in an intense study of both African and Hip Hop dancing, students learn the history and context of the dances and music performed.


During their time at CPS, our students have many opportunities to participate in theater presentations. Through a collaboration between the music, art, and classroom teachers, our 2nd grade students perform “Readers’ Theater.” Students write their own music, create the sets and props, and perform the final work for the entire school community.

Our 5th grade students spend the year as a class developing and writing an original play, and then going on to cast and perform the play in the spring.