Community Partnership School has pioneered an innovative, independent elementary school model that provides students from under-resourced backgrounds in North Central Philadelphia with a top-notch education. From pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, students are prepared to confidently open the doors of opportunity and pave the way for their future success­­—from admission to the highest performing middle and high schools, through college and beyond.


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Eric Jones, Head of SchoolHaving grown up in a neighborhood just like the one in which Community Partnership School is located, I know firsthand the value of a quality education and its power to alter a life trajectory. But it wasn’t just what I learned in school that made the difference, as essential as that was. It was the family members, community members, and even individuals who were nameless and faceless to me but who invested in programs that I accessed, all partnering together, that made the difference for me. It’s that kind of community building through partnership that fuels our work at CPS, and it’s why our name is more than just a catchy moniker.”

– Eric Jones, Head of School

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Team CPS Profile: Janis Estrella

Janis Estrella began teaching 1st grade at Community Partnership School in the fall of 2011. Before that, she worked at a charter school where she was frustrated by a lack of collaboration and the desire for a sense of community between students and adults at the school. She made a commitment to herself that her […]

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