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High School Scholarship Resources

Charles Ellis Trust for Girls offers financial resources for high school girls in single parent homes. (http://www.ellistrust.org/)

  1. If the student attends a parochial or an independent school they may receive tuition assistance.
  2. If the student is in a public school they may also receive funds for an expense such as a uniform or school supplies.

High School Application Resources


College Application Resources


Summer Program Opportunities

Summer Entrepreneurship Opportunity for Teens (Grade 8-12): Help your child build career & life skills that will set them apart from the crowd for college admissions, internships & careers. Students will learn the basics of creating and running a small business and participate in real world exercises that will help students develop confidence, resilience and creativity. Participants will be mentored by experienced entrepreneurs.

The application deadline for 2016 has passed. Please check back later for information on the application for 2017.

Stay tuned for updates here as more opportunities become available!